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September 11, 2001

In horror we watched as our innocence was torn, our land invaded, our hearts broke! On bended knee's we cried! From our Family, our deepest condolence  and heart filled tears of love we hold for all the victims of this tragedy that has shook our land.


Patriotism, Honor and Courage and the weeping throughout our land shows the True Value of our way of life! Here in Washington state, Our Hearts and Prayers go to the Victims and their families and the great sorrow that Freedom brings! 

From Fort Lewis Washington with Tears of Love!!!!

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Iron Mike 

To our Hero's, the Fire fighters, The Police, The Medical, The Volunteers, To America, We will Surpass, We Will Cause Justice on those who are responsible!! God Bless The USA

It was once said " Freedom has a flavor, the protected shall never know", Here on this day of our lord  11 September 2001, We the people of this United States have tasted the flavor with our hearts and souls!   

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