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W.W.II, Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Bosnia, Somalia, Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Our  Cold War Losses and more!





AMERICANS ACCOUNTED FOR:  There are now 1678 US personnel listed by the Defense POW/MIA Office (DPMO) as missing and unaccounted for from the Vietnam War.


Please Support Our National League Of POW Families in WA DC




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A Portion of all sale's on any POW/MIA/KIA Bracelet, Flag, Stickers or Pins are donated to "The National League of POW/MIA Families" 

Our Secure Ordering Web Site is www.allgavesome.us

Our Business is three fold: 

1. We provide a service to our customer for Remembrance, to honor and remember any Hero from any conflict, tragedy or to simply show your pride and love for those Who Gave All. Our Military, Our Police, Our Fireman, Our Paramedics, Our family members,  Our Friends to include our working dogs and pets and any of Our Hero's our customer wishes to honor and wear in pride.

2. We strive for customer satisfaction, quality craftsmanship and engrave each bracelet with the names requested plus more. A part of that name becomes a part of our life's.

3. Our goal is to raise moneys for organizations in Need. My Wife and Myself at Northwest Silversmithing & Ceramics  have deemed that the organization who we believe in the most is "The National League of POW families in WA Dc". With that in mind a portion of all sells on any bracelet or POW related item is donated to the league no matter how great or small. Please fell free to email the National League of POW Families to verify this information at info@pow-miafamilies.org




 "Let Them Not Be Forgotten", Teach our young and old, Never Forget!!

Cold War Losses POW/MIA's

From 1941 to 1991 over 39 Military Aircraft on Military Missions and 1 civilian aircraft were either shot down over Communist Countries. 165 crew were downed, with 12 returned or recovered alive. 27 remains have been recovered with still 126 still missing as a result!!! 

Gulf War Veterans Memorial



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You can order at www.allgavesome.us or www.americanhonor.net/store 

Wear in Pride! 


Thanks for your Support!!!  John & Pamela Silversmith and Webmaster 

Casualties 58,178  


Our fallen and missing Hero's are not forgotten!!

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For they have given the Utmost of sacrifice, may their names never be forgotten. For the men and women of our Armed Forces, Our Police Officers, Our Fireman and to all the other gallant hero's whom have given all;  their life!!

Our Custom Black Aluminum Bracelet Guarantee

Our Guarantee is 1 year from date of purchase from the original purchaser on breakage. If your Bracelet (Black Aluminum) breaks by cause of manufacture defect , I will replace the bracelet with the same engraving. Jumping from a helicopter  or  caught on a camouflage net or HUMMV and other forms of snagging a bracelet does not qualify for replacement!

Send your bracelet back to us  including return postage and a copy of your purchase order!

Do Not send bracelets we did not engrave! 

  All names will be verified as to their status.
For Our Men and Women of WWII Killed in Action Please Visit http://www.abmc.gov/searchww.htm

Desert Shield/Desert Storm Remembered--Cold War Remembered--Vietnam Remembered--Korea Remembered--W.W.II Remembered

Gulf War Veterans Memorial

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