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Military Memorabilia


War Dogs and their Handlers are another of the "Forgotten Hero's" who saved hundred of people  throughout their lives; And Served Their Country with Honor!!


War Dogs and Handlers Defender of Life's and Freedom

We are proud to offer Our Stainless Steel,Black Aluminum,  and Sterling Silver Bracelets so that their memories will not be forgotten!



We now have secure ordering for our POW/MIA/KIA Bracelets; and other items to include Hats, Hat Pins, Challenge Coins, Stickers, Flags, coffee mugs plus more!! Please Click the  link ( POW/MIA Emblem) to enter our Secure Store Front!

 Our Secure Ordering Web Site is www.americanhonor.net/store or www.allgavesome.us 

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 War Dogs http://www.war-dogs.com

The Vietnam Dog Handler Association http://www.vdhaonline.org/


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