Have you ever wondered how we bend the Bracelets? Or how we Polish. 

Our Custom Black Aluminum Bracelet Guarantee

Our Guarantee is 1 year from date of purchase from the original purchaser on breakage. If your Bracelet (Black Aluminum) breaks by cause of manufacture defect , I will replace the bracelet with the same engraving. Jumping from a helicopter  or  caught on a camouflage net or HUMMV and other forms of snagging a bracelet does not qualify for replacement!

Send your bracelet back to us  including return postage and a copy of your purchase order!

Do Not send bracelets we did not engrave! 

Black Aluminum after engraving is complete!


A metal bender is helpful with the Black Anodized Aluminum!

Stainless Steel & Sterling Silver after engraving is complete!


Corners rounded using a wet diamond grinder & then buffed using Tripoli 


We then Hand bend on a mandrel to form the basic shape of the wrist


We then finish shaping with a leather mallet and rebuffed 


After the bracelet is Buffed again and it is then steamed cleaned at 380 degrees

From the Black Aluminum to Stainless Steel and Our Sterling Silver! US Crafted with Pride!- HOOAH

Please Support Our National League Of POW Families in WA DC


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