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James Sissons 



Vietnam Combat Veteran and Proud American

United States Navy


Jim was my Uncle- But more of a brother and a friend, with his loss on Sept. 9, 2001 a part of our soul was torn from our hearts. Pam and I miss the talks we had with Jim, even so far away, he was close to us. Laughter and fun and just being ourselves. We miss him greatly with all our hearts. 

Jim was a spiritual type of guy and believed in God Almighty, Our Nation, Our Flag and the American way of life. It seemed only natural that only he would see things that others did not. Jim went to Gettysburg in 2000 since he was working government contacts in Pennsylvania he figured he would take a day off and take pictures of the battlefield and graves. Jim was astonished at the results. Jim sent the pictures to the Smithsonian and they were verified as authentic. Here shown is what his digital camera picked up!

POW/MIA Update:   aUG 17, 2010




AMERICANS ACCOUNTED FOR:  There are now 1,710 US personnel listed by the Defense POW/MIA Office (DPMO) as missing and unaccounted for from the Vietnam War.


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Notice the picture of the orbs leaving the headstone, the light is arched