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Have you ever wondered about our Business Name!!  Hooah!!! 

Here are a few examples of other things we do!! If you want one of these products; send us a email at americanhonor@netzero.com

SilverSmithing & Natural Organic Lost Wax Casting, The casting shown of the Dragon Fly is Pure Silver, This little guy was found already dead at one of the fishing lakes we go to here in Washington State. I waxed his body and wings, attached wax sprues for casting and  poured a casting plaster around his body. He was then cooked  in a kiln at 1400 degrees (6 hours) and steam cast at 1200 degree's with 2 troy ounces of .999 pure silver. I have also cast wish bones from small game hens, small pine cones, insects and small marine life such as crabs. These are unique forms of Gods Beauty made into one of a kind jewelry. We can cast in Gold or Silver!! Special Orders Only 

American Made in The Great Northwest - 

We hand cut the Nevada Turquoise in a free form style, Used 16 gage .925 sterling silver sheet for the base, Twisted Sterling Wire, .999 bezel to hold the stone, and 8 gage half round sterling silver for the ring shank! US Made in the Pacific Northwest. 


Wizards - Dragons- Wildlife- Cowboys plus More!! Ceramics or Earthenware- All Hand Crafted, 100% American Made  

Our Ceramic Figurines were sold At Northwest Trek, Point Defiance Zoo and Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle WA. Competition from over sea's Stopped us in the early 1990's from selling there any longer. We just could not compete with over sea's labor or cost!

Rather than Out Source our product line-- We have limited our production to ensure only the finest of quality! Here is only a sample of the figurines we craft!


Special Orders Only














Another Great Art is our Fiber Glass Mask and Resin Casting- All 100% American Made here in The Great Northwest


More to Come!! Thanks for looking

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