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Over 250 thousand Plus Women Served During the Vietnam War!!  For those Brave Women, I salute; for you were and are now; truly the "Winds and Wings of Our Military" ! 

For your honor, your dedication, your untiring service for God - Country - and Freedom!!  Welcome Home!!!!!!!!

For The 1st one is my wife- Pamela for putting up with my faults and enduring a Military Life Style--  And Many More Years to Come 

I Love You Babe!!

And For those Who Gave All

In Honor they came, In Honor They Gave

The Valor, The Purity and The Justice . 

The Colors of our Flag and  The Blood  - The Sweat and of The Tears That Freedom Wave's, So others may enjoy the fruit they have given-Their Lives

Here is a link to "Women Nurses Throughout War History sent to me by Sarah sara@valleybookclub.com who is a library assistant..


 Of the Top 68 Women of the 20th Century

59 civilians
8 military
67 total American women were Killed in Vietnam with two of these brave women still listed as POW/MIA

Eleanor Ardel Vietti Captured at the leprosarium in Ban Me Thuot, May 30, 1962. Still listed as a POW. 

Betty Ann Olsen Captured during raid on the leprosarium in Ban Me Thuot during Tet 1968. Died in 1968 and was buried somewhere along the Ho Chi Minh Trail by fellow POW, Michael Benge. Remains not recovered. 

Please Visit  http://www.VirtualWall.org/women.htm

Listed are the 8 Active Duty Military Women "Who Gave All" in Vietnam Where their Courage is unsurpassed

We will Custom Engrave Bracelets for these Ladies Of Valor Please see our POW/MIA page or Click on the above POW/MIA Emblem!! 

Lt. Elizabeth Ann Jones, US Army Vietnam KIA,  Feb. 14, 1966

LTC Annie Ruth Graham, US Army Vietnam KIA,  Aug. 14, 1968

Capt Mary Therese Klinker, US Air Force Vietnam KIA,  Apr. 4, 1975, Body Not Recovered


"Day is done, gone the sun,
From the lakes, from the hills,
From the skies,
All is well, safely rest.
God is nigh"

The First Army Nurse Killed in Action in Vietnam

1Lt. Sharon Ann Lane died from a shrapnel wound when the 312th Evac at Chu Lai was hit by rockets on June 8,
1969. From Canton, OH, she was a month short of her 26th birthday. She was posthumously awarded the
Vietnamese Gallantry Cross with Palm and the Bronze Star for Heroism.


Sharon lane United States Army - 

Lt Pamela Dorothy Donovan, US Army Vietnam KIA, July 8, 1968

Lt Hedwig Diane Orlowski, US Army Vietnam KIA, Nov. 30, 1967

Cpt Eleanor Grace Alexander, US Army Vietnam KIA, Nov. 30, 1967

Lt Carol Ann Elizabeth Drazba, US Army Vietnam KIA, Feb. 18, 1966

And  for our Special Friend;  In Honor and In Duty as a 

Military Police Officer

SFC Jeanne M Balcombe, US Army MP, Korea In Line Of Duty, Aug. 21, 1999

Sergeant First Class Balcombe was shot and killed at Camp Red Cloud, South Korea, by one of her own soldiers. The suspect, who was drunk at the time, was upset that Sergeant Balcombe had ordered a blood test on one of the suspect's friends. He then overpowered a South Korean soldier stationed at the base and took his sidearm. He shot Sergeant Balcombe three times, including once in the head, before fleeing the base. He was captured later in the day by Korean National Police officers. Sergeant Balcombe was a member of the 55th Military Police Company. She is survived by her husband Mike and two daughters. 

Listed is a link to a Tribute for Jeanne



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